As we were on a budget holiday and we couldn’t go very far up in to the hills with the pram we decided on visiting Sea Life in Benalmadena, which was only a train ride away.

This Sea Life opened recently so in size it is nothing compared to the set up in London. However it was just as exciting! Also as it was a Thursday it was dead quiet… Which meant a wonderful stroll under the sea with Baby Z and my partner.

We held her at tank level and showed her the different fish, her first reaction was to grab the floating ‘object’ whilst shrieking as loud as she could.
Whilst walking round all she wanted to do was to be set down to watch the fish. It was like she’s entered a different world.

From watching the Small fish, to the tortoises and then the big sting rays, Baby Z was in love. The best was having lunch under the sea… well in front of a massive viewing screen… she couldn’t take her eyes off the view which definitely helped her to eat her lunch. Even though she wanted to jump off the rock seats and touch the glass.

As a first experience it was a hit and we are definitely doing the London Sea Life.. can you just imagine her face then!


Baby Z with Daddy
Baby Z with Daddy


Our View at Lunchtime
Our View at Lunchtime



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