Its always interesting to see what is in another Mama’s bag. From the different products we use to the style of bags we have, us Mama’s know how to fit a lot in very little space. That is one of the reasons why I decided to do a short vblog on what’s in my bag.

From using a tiny bag before kids, to moving onto a MomyMoo changing bag during Z babyhood, to then swapping back to a medium sized bag once Z started using a rucksack (ah the days I could use a fancy bag again) I am back to having a changing bag as my bag number one. This time we are using our Navy Polka Baby bag and I am loving it!

The experience between the MomyMoo bag and the Navy Polka are very different, as MomyMoo had lots of little compartments but the Navy Polka has 6 large pockets and lots of inside middle space with a removable pouch (perfect for Mama’s little essentials) and also a zipped area at the bottom side of the bag for quick access. Find out more about all the things Mama has in her joint bag with Z and Mr A in the video below.


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