Mummys Bubble began in 2013 as a site for Mama to rant and place her experiences of being a Mum somewhere safe for when Z would be old enough to read about her childhood.

Overtime this changed in many ways and has now become a site for Mama to capture the entire family and their daily adventures. As a family we love to travel, eat and celebrate.

As parents we want to give the best for our children and because of that we are ready to do anything to help us all have a more independent lifestyle. Being stuck in the daily trudge of the corporate world we both strive for freedom and from that comes our drive to create something that will help us escape.

We all have dreams, some more simpler than others, so come join us on our journey as a family.

About Mama

Mama is well Mama. She is the multi-tasker of the family. She has a part-time job but she has also found her passion. Being a creative person Mama likes everyday to be different so writing was the perfect way to go.

Being a mum, Mama found herself to be very lonely during her first year of Maternity Leave with Z, so after she started blogging she joined a massive parenting community which made her realise that there were so many other Mums and Dads out there who felt the same and were going through similar daily challenges.

During her second Maternity Leave this time with A, Mama decided to do something different, she wanted to open up a business. To help create a future of financial freedom for the family. Daddy and Mama created a shop filled full of bespoke baby and Mama products.

She also has a big love of creating events which lead her to start her own party planning company. She loves putting a smile on others and helping their dreams become a reality so what better way than to organise a special day for them.

About Daddy

Daddy is the normal one out of all four of us! He’s funny and a great cook… yum yum. He works in a big building in the city and travels to work on a train. His love of coupons has got us saving loads which helps when we have special occasions where we can treat ourselves. He also has a passion of cars, gadgets and travelling. His favourite place being Malaysia (the dream of being able to retire there…bliss).

Daddy is however finding his creative side through designing websites and has a dab hand at helping Mama run the site and the business – especially the maths side and the coding… Mama is not too great at that bit. Being the hands on Dad he loves playing crazy games with Z whilst changing Mr A nappy (what more could Mama ask for)!

About Z

Formally known as Baby Z. After recently turning four it seems like she has hit the ‘Child Life Crisis’ where she just doesn’t want to admit that she is no longer a toddler. After attempting to revert back and throwing tonnes of tantrums along the way, Z is successfully adapting to accepting her little brother as the latest addition of ‘baby’.

Z loves to party and dance with this years birthday lasting a full week with 5 different cakes and a party at home with her nearest and dearest. She loves to talk – full on chatterbox, to the point where you have to bribe her to keep quiet for 5 minutes. Not forgetting her love for everything Pink and Blue… yes Mr A has made an effect on her colour choice at last.

About Mr A

Our latest addition Mr A turned up in July 2016 and his loud squeals and continuous raspberries has captured our hearts. Even though he is a smallest of the lot he definitely knows how to get your attention. Mr A is the inspiration of our shop products especially the teething jewellery (as he has been teething since he was 3 months old), and no we still do not have a tooth!

Having a little boy added into the bunch to bring us from 3 to 4 has been a change as things have started to go from pink to blue (much to Z dismay) but it is a welcome motion for Dadda. He thought he was going to be stuck with girls his whole life.

This cheeky monkey has by far completed our little family and now we have an equal playing field which is always a nice thing to have in a home.