Feeding, we all do it, some more than others and babies are of no exception. With both my babies I gained different types of experience when it came to feeding. Z who I had 4 years ago, was a colicky baby. I wanted to breastfeed her but not much came of it as she wouldn’t … Continue Reading

Sitting here at 3 in the morning with my 4 week old the sleepless nights commencing and my thoughts returning to the long nights I had with Z trying to attempt breastfeeding. I loved the idea of breastfeeding with my first, it was the most natural thing to do. I wasn’t caught into ‘the breast is … Continue Reading

As baby z was bottle fed till the age of well 1 years old. We decided that the time had come to manoeuvre to a beaker for milk time. The task wasn’t an easy one as she was so used to drinking from a bottle and found it to be her comforter. As parents we … Continue Reading

Honestly, I would love to meet the person that came up with this idea… so that I could talk some honest sense into them. Seriously, don’t they know that as a mother you have a choice to breastfeed or bottle feed. Sometimes you don’t even have that choice. A mother may plan to breastfeed before the … Continue Reading

Why ‘shake’ a bottle of milk to mix when you can stir it, (not with a spoon of course). The water temperature is still as to the level on the guidelines so ‘shaking’ or stirring won’t make a difference except on the amount of air bubbles that are created. In the beginning we would follow … Continue Reading