Now you may be thinking what in the world is Nomato. Well we have had to come about this dish due to finding out that Daddy is allergic to tomato. I know out of everything – tomato! Being Asian this is a big deal as a majority of our dishes include well you guessed it … Continue Reading

Every year I plan a big party for Z and this normally starts 6 months in advance. This means; other than thinking of a theme, I start looking for deals and prices, I purchase and spread the cost over the 6 months and I eat Daddy’s head for a continuous 6 months! I normally keep … Continue Reading

Big sibling present is something that has been a rage from quite a while now. So when we found out about Mr A, we knew we would need to do something special for Z. Z loves presents as does anyone who is 3, so to help the bonding process and the reality of some one else … Continue Reading

Our little princess is trying to be Rapunzal at the moment, which means if you even go near her hair with a pair of scissors she will run away! Her ultimate aim (which was very similar to mine at her age) is to have hair all the way to the bottom of her feet. Having … Continue Reading

This year we decided to look at redesigning Z room. At the moment her room is full of white wooden furnishings, sandy cream carpet and gold walls with a feature rose pink wall. As the size of her room is quite small we opted for white in the furniture as it automatically makes the room … Continue Reading

As a first time parent it is very daunting to get your life into a routine. Before having a child you’re carefree – it doesn’t matter what time you come back home or wake up or have lunch. You have your own routine (which only happens during the week and is remotely revolved around your … Continue Reading