From my experience of afterbirth care, I came to a conclusion… There is too much contradicting information out there. Funnily enough this even comes from within the NHS. First time parents are spun around by the different midwives that visit them and further by the different information given by each one. It is a shock … Continue Reading

As I love to read books I couldn’t wait to get my little one into them. When she turned 7 months I registered her to our local library and joined the Bookstart Bear scheme. She got her starter pack and has already begun collecting stamps to get her first certificate. As a parent, I love … Continue Reading

The first time we gave our baby a bath she screamed! Even though we were excited she wasn’t very impressed. It got better, and then worse…. one bath time she began screaming again, now she would cry every time her feet would touch the water. We decided to ignore her cries, if we gave into her, … Continue Reading