This year we decided to look at redesigning Z room. At the moment her room is full of white wooden furnishings, sandy cream carpet and gold walls with a feature rose pink wall. As the size of her room is quite small we opted for white in the furniture as it automatically makes the room … Continue Reading

As a first time parent it is very daunting to get your life into a routine. Before having a child you’re carefree – it doesn’t matter what time you come back home or wake up or have lunch. You have your own routine (which only happens during the week and is remotely revolved around your … Continue Reading

We done it… Z reached one of her biggest milestones – her first day of school. After all the running around, panicking and stressing, my girl is now in a nursery. The run up to the Christmas holidays was all about her uniform, bag and other little goodies. Her excitement on getting a placement was immense … Continue Reading

Over the last few months Z has started to become afraid of the dark. Her imagination has taken the best of her and runs during the night. At first we thought it’s just a phase… but seeing that she’s now nearly 3 and is still adamant of the light being on, we are beginning to … Continue Reading

Part two has take a while to come up on the blog (especially as it has been written up ages ago). So here it goes, our second half of the first week of training Z to use the loo – more control on emotions and possibly even a happy ending… Day four: we were meant … Continue Reading

So we have been planning for Z to go nursery for a year now. However as its so expensive we decided to wait it out till she turns 3 (in December) and start her off with the free funding in January. After enquiring and ringing up all the potential nursery’s in July, I was notified … Continue Reading