After randomly deciding to start proper training a week before we started fasting, we went the full way. No nappies during the day or night. This came as a complete shock to Baby Z system but some how she was up for it. As this was our first toddler in full time training all three of us … Continue Reading

It is nice to know that Baby Z is a very curious toddler. She loves to ask questions like “why?” and “how?” on pretty much everything. We are actually going through a phase of “who bought me this…?” with literally everything in the house. She even gets into a bit of a huff if we … Continue Reading

Now we know that this is all part of growing up, we test boundaries all our lives. So why should it be any different when it comes to two year olds? Our little monkey has been doing just that. Every day has begun to be a battle with what she wants to do to what … Continue Reading

A few months ago, we started having big tantrums when it came to nappy changes. Even though Baby Z was only 2 years and 2 months she really didn’t want to get cleaned up. She would scream to the top of her lungs, cry, kick and struggle. It actually sounded like someone was torturing her. … Continue Reading

“No”. A word that can become very irritable especially when the answer you need is far from “no”. This sudden new phase began a around a week ago, subtle at first but now it’s everything. Let’s go toilet “no”, let’s change our clothes “no”, let’s brush our teeth “NO”! I know this is part and parcel … Continue Reading

With Easter on the horizon and it being my last class today for the Baby Ballet term, I couldn’t resist but make cards for my favourite teachers! Let me know what you think of my home-made artwork. (With a little help from Mummy) Love Baby Z xXx