During our travels to Spain in October 2013 we unexpectedly came across this little shop on the local high street that sold Olive Oil products. At the top of the shelf I noticed a Baby Packaged box – The Natural Edition for Babies by LaChinata. Excitedly.. like I am whenever I see anything Baby related… … Continue Reading

Before we went to Spain I had never taken Z to a swimming pool. Frankly I was worried about how the water would affect her skin as it was recovering from eczema. However as her skin was pretty clear for a few months my partner and I decided to try out swimming on holiday. See … Continue Reading

When Z was born there was a chance for her to have eczema. However these signs only showed up about the time she turned a month old. She began getting small itchy blotches on her face which she would scratch till they sometimes broke the skin. Poor thing lived in mittens. Even though we noticed … Continue Reading