We done it… Z reached one of her biggest milestones – her first day of school. After all the running around, panicking and stressing, my girl is now in a nursery. The run up to the Christmas holidays was all about her uniform, bag and other little goodies. Her excitement on getting a placement was immense … Continue Reading

So we have been planning for Z to go nursery for a year now. However as its so expensive we decided to wait it out till she turns 3 (in December) and start her off with the free funding in January. After enquiring and ringing up all the potential nursery’s in July, I was notified … Continue Reading

It is nice to know that Baby Z is a very curious toddler. She loves to ask questions like “why?” and “how?” on pretty much everything. We are actually going through a phase of “who bought me this…?” with literally everything in the house. She even gets into a bit of a huff if we … Continue Reading

So it’s been a few busy weeks since coming back from Spain, hence the lack of posts. But that doesn’t mean it’s been slow on Baby Z and her adventures! She’s finishing her autumn term in baby ballet, with some lovely fairy wings and twinkle toes. We have learnt our alphabet to letter ‘i’ and … Continue Reading

We are in absolute love of the program “Raa Raa The Noisy Lion”. It has been a bit of a favourite for a few months but what’s great is the learning side. Baby Z can literally sit there for hours on end watching the pre-recorded episodes. (Don’t worry, she’s limited to only two per day… … Continue Reading

Baby Z has amazingly started to connect words. At 19 months old, she has only one connecting word that she actually uses in a sentence. “And” possibly being the easiest has given her the chance to link words like “milk and mani (water) and baby” for her early morning talk from her cot when we … Continue Reading