Every year I plan a big party for Z and this normally starts 6 months in advance. This means; other than thinking of a theme, I start looking for deals and prices, I purchase and spread the cost over the 6 months and I eat Daddy’s head for a continuous 6 months! I normally keep … Continue Reading

Magical number 3. Z latest birthday party consisted of shades of pink, gold and creams, tutus and frills. As she had been going to Baby Ballet since she was 10 months old, the time had come to do her birthday within that theme. She had shown that not only had she learnt a lot during this … Continue Reading

My beautiful baby girl turned 2 and I honestly cannot believe how time has flown. All I kept thinking was how this little monster was that cute angel that lay in my arms for hours on end. Her personality has changed so much in under a year and so has her love for Disney Junior. … Continue Reading

Our Birthday Celebrations continued for a while. Two weeks after Baby Z actually turned One, we had kept a Birthday party for all her friends and cousins. As a first time mum, I had been planning this party for a very long time (exactly a year) … my husband said it was pretty sad of … Continue Reading

Baby Z turned One recently, and we couldn’t have been prouder! As a couple we survived, as individuals we were still sane and as a family we were closer than ever. I had planned a big outing for both Mama and Baby, and as it was in December that outing was actually an Indoor shopping spree … Continue Reading