Now you may be thinking what in the world is Nomato. Well we have had to come about this dish due to finding out that Daddy is allergic to tomato. I know out of everything – tomato! Being Asian this is a big deal as a majority of our dishes include well you guessed it … Continue Reading

Ramadan is upon us and this year I wanted to start creating traditions. As Z is now 3 and a half I realised that she needed to start understanding about who we are and what we celebrate. So what better way than to make a special dessert that could be handed out as Ramadan gifts … Continue Reading

We are one week down on our challenge and it has been great. So far we have ended up going all green, but we are loving the subtle effects it is having on our bodies – especially the boost in the morning. I personally am finding myself to be less hungry – so no more … Continue Reading

Fajitas are a definite hit in our house from daddy all the way to Baby Z. I love creating different varieties of fillings, from sweet to savoury – tangy to spicy, the list is endless. Using an assortment of vegetables, beans and fruits, I either cook them or split them half and half to give … Continue Reading

Come dinner time and the question on all our minds is… what should we have? This week we decided to go with a change. It had been a while since I have made stuffed chicken breasts – as for some reason the breast never marinates properly. But earlier this week, I decided it was time … Continue Reading

The other day Mummy decided to make something she hadn’t made before… Fish Pie. I’ve heard Mummy say that she was going to make it before but I haven’t ever tried it, so this must have been her first time. This dish was sooo yummy for my tummy, and what was best was I got … Continue Reading