This morning we took the lazy weekend approach and decided to make something creative. Now that Baby Z is more active in the kitchen we decided to make a batch of yummy home-made cupcakes. I have a stack of cooking and baking books but today I wanted to try a new one… ‘The very best … Continue Reading

Come winter and Mama has become a fan of trialling out different soups on her test subjects… Daddy and me. Even though Mama is a good cook she has never ventured out to make puréed soup from scratch. She didn’t realise the (very loud) milkshake blender that sat in the corner of the kitchen could … Continue Reading

The immense Love of Peas has begun. Baby Z cant get enough of them. she knows that they’re stored in the freezer so the minute it opens the Pea song and dance begins. Little Miss Pea Monster cant wait till they’re cooked so ends up eating a few frozen ones, which have actually turned out … Continue Reading

Ah I was so happy when the sun came out a few weeks ago that I quickly told Baby Z daddy to go get ice lolly moulds. There was a specific set I had been after for a while but didn’t think it was worth it with the on and off weather. But when sun … Continue Reading

Loving sweet potato at the moment! Mummy puts it in my mash potato, gives it to me baked and the best is grilled in the oven with onions and potatoes and lots of herbs! Yum yum. So glad they are on the shopping list every time. Waiting to be boiled for my Mash potato! Can’t … Continue Reading

As baby Z turned 1, we were advised by the midwives that she should be on the bounds of eating our foods. As we had already started her on things like rice and butter rotis, it was great to know we could really start to experiment on spices. As we eat quite spicy foods, being … Continue Reading