Why ‘shake’ a bottle of milk to mix when you can stir it, (not with a spoon of course). The water temperature is still as to the level on the guidelines so ‘shaking’ or stirring won’t make a difference except on the amount of air bubbles that are created. In the beginning we would follow … Continue Reading

I just love giving Z the seasonal fruit and veg to taste. Getting her familiar to different textures and smells is an important thing for me. Especially as I get to experiment with foods at home. So come on winter and your delicious root vegetables… Lumpy pumpkin and roasted parsnip. Yum!

Start with something simple that can be pureed easily. We gave our baby pureed carrots for her first meal, I have to say they are the hardest vegetable to soften when boiling. But we got there in the end and she loved it. Reading baby recipes, they advise to add some baby milk to help … Continue Reading

Oh the age old question of when to wean your little monkey has been a subject of much change over the years. The NHS has different guidelines every 4-6 years. So in some families, dependent on when their babies were born, were told different times to wean. When my little one was born we were … Continue Reading