This year before out travels we decided to take our iPad with us. As Z is now 2 and a half we gathered that a three hour journey would get very tiresome for all included without some serious visual entertainment. So out came the iPad and the installation of our favourite film “Frozen”- yes it’s … Continue Reading

A while ago I got a lovely array of goodies from Baby Z’s daddy. Overtime this has become my quick six step beauty regime and I’m in love with it!! Everyone knows how stressful it can be to our skin once we have a baby, with the little sleep, running around like a headless chicken … Continue Reading

After a very long test drive, I have finally decided to write my thoughts on PurpleDaisies Foam Bed Bumper. After much speculation and research we decided to order this very different bumper to try out for Baby Z when she moved across from cot to cot-bed. Personally, I really wanted something unique that would give … Continue Reading

As we normally review body products, this time I thought of reviewing a product that I love and Baby Z loves the results – the Babyliss Pro Curler. Before her birthday, I really wanted to buy a curler as I had never owned one, let alone knew how to use one. So knowing that I … Continue Reading

As I am always on the look out for anything that will help pamper my worn out body especially my hands and feet, I love trying out new and exciting products and they have to be very organic or as organic as possible. So when we were in Cornwall last year and spending the day … Continue Reading

Vita Coco Kids kindly sent us a lovely boxed gift for Baby Z to try out their products. Daddy and I are massive fans of Vita Coco – we can have cartons upon cartons of it. We had previously given Baby Z a taste of it as a trial. From day one we really wanted … Continue Reading