Since turning 30 in October, I have seen my last few months spiral out of control. I have realised that I am one of those people that need to be in control. However the control in these last few months have gone away from me which has made previous issues like anxiety creep back into … Continue Reading

Over the last few months Z has started to become afraid of the dark. Her imagination has taken the best of her and runs during the night. At first we thought it’s just a phase… but seeing that she’s now nearly 3 and is still adamant of the light being on, we are beginning to … Continue Reading

Recently, we have learned the word “tired”. What is more wonderful is that we actually understand the meaning of the word, so for mummy and daddy we can actually understand what Baby Z is feeling. Her favourite is waking up in the morning, and after about 2 hours she begins to walk about complaining that … Continue Reading

Now that it’s winter … Practically. We have begun using a baby sleeping bag at night to protect her from the cold. I have to say when we first purchased them, I didn’t think it would be used. Especially as Baby Z would sleep with her blanky without any problems. But now that she’s growing … Continue Reading

Try this… Another little game we play to get Z to sleep is whilst rocking her slowly, I close my eyes and pretend to sleep. I make my breathing the same as it would be when I’m asleep and even make a soft humming noise. After doing this of a while and getting some sneak … Continue Reading

Do you play staring games with baby? It’s a little bed time game Baby Z and me play when she’s being fussy or isn’t yet ready to sleep. I take her into her room, dim the lights, lie her in my arms and gently rock her. Once she comfortable we lock eyes and keep on … Continue Reading