Half term has come and pretty much nearly gone and I haven’t even had a minute to get down to writing ideas on what to do this holiday. I officially feel like a school mum, trying to fit in as much as possible in the space of a week – mainly just trying to set … Continue Reading

With the summer holidays in full swing, many of us either decide to stay at home or travel around the UK for our holidays. So why not try out this fun and exciting things this year to keep yourself and your little ones entertained till the new term! 1: London Beaches These pop up beaches … Continue Reading

So for my birthday this year Baby Z and Daddy treated me out to a long weekend in Newquay, Cornwall. As we had never been down that far south, we thought it was best to treat it like a holiday even if it was in mid-October and the weather was cold. Our main day trip … Continue Reading

So it’s been a few busy weeks since coming back from Spain, hence the lack of posts. But that doesn’t mean it’s been slow on Baby Z and her adventures! She’s finishing her autumn term in baby ballet, with some lovely fairy wings and twinkle toes. We have learnt our alphabet to letter ‘i’ and … Continue Reading

Baby Z just came back from her second proper holiday in Spain recently. As we had taken her previously at 10 months old we saw a massive difference in her behaviour and attitude as well as learning new things. The sun, sea and sand definitely did her good. So a year later at 21 months … Continue Reading

As we were on a budget holiday and we couldn’t go very far up in to the hills with the pram we decided on visiting Sea Life in Benalmadena, which was only a train ride away. This Sea Life opened recently so in size it is nothing compared to the set up in London. However … Continue Reading