My first bike! It’s all pretty and pink like me. I can’t wait to be able to ride it on my own but for now I’ll be treated as royalty. Hehe… Love Baby Z xxx

The suns been out and so have our sunglasses! My first 2 pairs (mummy was being indecisive)…

We took Baby Z to the beach for the first time when we were on holiday in Spain. Oh my she didn’t want to leave, I swear if she had worked out how to walk she would have been running all over the place! The first time she saw the sea she wasn’t scared but … Continue Reading

How can you get all your packing done with a 9 month old… You get them to help! I have to say there was more of Z’s luggage than there was of mine or my partners… I really have been downsized! So going away for a long stretch for the first time, I didn’t want … Continue Reading

Before going Spain we didn’t really feed Z bread, as we always said we would use fresh baked over ready packaged. This was only because of the amount of preservatives and additives in the ready packaged bread. Especially as my partner sometimes makes homemade bread. We knew we didn’t want her to become accustomed to … Continue Reading

Before we went to Spain I had never taken Z to a swimming pool. Frankly I was worried about how the water would affect her skin as it was recovering from eczema. However as her skin was pretty clear for a few months my partner and I decided to try out swimming on holiday. See … Continue Reading