Animated Sounds

We love our animal sounds, and nothing is better than copying the sounds from ‘Dear Zoo’ book. Especially when both mama and dada have to animate the sounds towards Baby Z until she rolls over with laughter!

Learning to Order

Baby Z has already begun to order people around. However she chooses wisely, her ordering only limits to her grandad, her uncle and her dada. The three wonderful men in her life. What’s more is that she gets her way. This can be through her giving a certain look, her tone, body language or by … Continue Reading

Personal Space Issues

We’ve been noticing for a few months now that Baby Z has personal space issues. She takes over the bed until the point she’s in the middle and has got a mile of empty space around her and mummy and daddy are hanging off the bed. Not only that but when she’s in her buggy … Continue Reading

Back to Work

Going to work after a year long maternity was extremely hard for me, but to leave my little daughter behind was harder. Even though she was only with her father and that also for two days in the week, it still stung me to feel like I had missed a whole day in her life! … Continue Reading

The Beach

We took Baby Z to the beach for the first time when we were on holiday in Spain. Oh my she didn’t want to leave, I swear if she had worked out how to walk she would have been running all over the place! The first time she saw the sea she wasn’t scared but … Continue Reading

Payment for Breastfeeding

Honestly, I would love to meet the person that came up with this idea… so that I could talk some honest sense into them. Seriously, don’t they know that as a mother you have a choice to breastfeed or bottle feed. Sometimes you don’t even have that choice. A mother may plan to breastfeed before the … Continue Reading