Pass the Parcel

We are learning to share! Finally… But I think it only goes up to mummy and daddy. Everyone else is out of the sharing circle. Whatever we have in our hands, Baby Z wants us to pass it to her and vice versa. It’s a nice feeling, knowing she’s learning new things as well as … Continue Reading

Sleeping Bags!

Now that it’s winter … Practically. We have begun using a baby sleeping bag at night to protect her from the cold. I have to say when we first purchased them, I didn’t think it would be used. Especially as Baby Z would sleep with her blanky without any problems. But now that she’s growing … Continue Reading


It’s always been a favourite of ours but now that she can move on her own Baby Z loves sneaking out from behind cushions, under chairs and from within tables. She’ll bum shuffle under a chair you’ll be sitting on and look up at you from the side until you make a funny face. Peek-a-boo … Continue Reading

Artist in the Making

We love being artistic and Baby Z Loves getting her hands dirty…so we paint! Hand paint to be precise. We have been making birthday cards this year for the grandparents and a lot of random paintings for the fridge. It’s so amazing seeing her skills develop, and when I look at what she did when … Continue Reading

Time Change

Seriously, what is with the time change?! It doesn’t help when baby Z is teething like mad and is overcoming a cold. Her feeding and sleeping patterns are everywhere, and now this? She doesn’t know what to do and trying to keep her awake for a tad bit longer is proving to be a handful. … Continue Reading

Nappy Hunting!

After looking into different nappies we found that Pampers Baby Dry was the one! It definitely lives to its standard of keeping Baby Z asleep all night. And we absolute love it! So when we were off to Spain we decided to not take a full suitcase of nappies, but to instead buy a packet … Continue Reading