Let us Walk Baby

Finally the half step to ultimately walking has happened… Baby Z has started standing on her own. From sitting on the floor to standing up whilst holding on to objects. She’s taken her first ever step(s) and is extremely pleased with herself. Now the bribing commences… Standing her a few steps away we hold a … Continue Reading

Tweety Birthday Birthday Birthday!

Our Birthday Celebrations continued for a while. Two weeks after Baby Z actually turned One, we had kept a Birthday party for all her friends and cousins. As a first time mum, I had been planning this party for a very long time (exactly a year) … my husband said it was pretty sad of … Continue Reading

Baby Ballet

From Baby Music classes to our new adventure… Baby Ballet. As I would love Baby Z to learn ballet later as a hobby, I started searching for ballet classes and voila, we came across ‘Baby Ballet’. The classes start from the age of 6 months and gradually become actual ballet lessons. The more I read … Continue Reading

Cleaning Away

Little Z is growing up so fast… Since turning one, she loves helping to clean herself up! When in the bath she brushes her teeth and washes her mouth. Then once soaped up she want to rub the soap in and use a sponge… After eating, we give her a wipe and off she goes. … Continue Reading

My 1st Birthday

Baby Z turned One recently, and we couldn’t have been prouder! As a couple we survived, as individuals we were still sane and as a family we were closer than ever. I had planned a big outing for both Mama and Baby, and as it was in December that outing was actually an Indoor shopping spree … Continue Reading

Animated Sounds

We love our animal sounds, and nothing is better than copying the sounds from ‘Dear Zoo’ book. Especially when both mama and dada have to animate the sounds towards Baby Z until she rolls over with laughter!