Chitter Chatter

Ga ga, goo goo, baa baa, boo boo are all sounds to us grown ups but to little ones they’re words to communicate with. Baby Z has begun to string words together and use certain words in correct form. Learning words like ‘nooo’, ‘Donno’ and ‘oh nooo’. She uses them with me and her ‘da … Continue Reading

Sleep Baby Sleep

Try this… Another little game we play to get Z to sleep is whilst rocking her slowly, I close my eyes and pretend to sleep. I make my breathing the same as it would be when I’m asleep and even make a soft humming noise. After doing this of a while and getting some sneak … Continue Reading

Staring Contest?

Do you play staring games with baby? It’s a little bed time game Baby Z and me play when she’s being fussy or isn’t yet ready to sleep. I take her into her room, dim the lights, lie her in my arms and gently rock her. Once she comfortable we lock eyes and keep on … Continue Reading

Move Baby Move

My little monster has begun bum shuffling at the speed of a tortoise. It’s the cutest thing as it takes her 5minutes to get across the rug. Funny thing is though, when you stand her up she jumps for joy to walk and goes 50miles per hour across the room whilst holding on to your … Continue Reading

Buying Baby Bag

A baby bag is a massive decision, well at least it was one for me. For months I couldn’t find the perfect one. I knew I wanted a bright colour, a unique design and trying to keep within a budget of some sort. After all, this was going to be my sole bag for a … Continue Reading

Art of Music

Baby Z loves listening to the latest records! I’m sure she’s going to start learning music early…