Bath Time Woes…

The first time we gave our baby a bath she screamed! Even though we were excited she wasn’t very impressed. It got better, and then worse…. one bath time she began screaming again, now she would cry every time her feet would touch the water. We decided to ignore her cries, if we gave into her, … Continue Reading

Annabel Karmel

I love Annabel Karmel’s Weaning Book… I started to run out of ideas on what to feed my little monkey and was introduced to her cook book by my cousins.. Couldn’t have been a better choice. A load of recipes which she absolutely loves! Annabel Karmel Recipes

Weaning Food Tips…

Start with something simple that can be pureed easily. We gave our baby pureed carrots for her first meal, I have to say they are the hardest vegetable to soften when boiling. But we got there in the end and she loved it. Reading baby recipes, they advise to add some baby milk to help … Continue Reading

Price of Formula Milk

Why is it that formula milk prices don’t have any promotions? I can understand the Stage 1 milks due to promoting Breastfeeding, but honestly why does that need to continue onto Stage 3 where the baby in most families have moved onto formula fulltime. Can’t parents catch a break on one of the most needed … Continue Reading

Weaning your baby…?

Oh the age old question of when to wean your little monkey has been a subject of much change over the years. The NHS has different guidelines every 4-6 years. So in some families, dependent on when their babies were born, were told different times to wean. When my little one was born we were … Continue Reading

Guidance on Bottles over Breast

When my little girl was born I had made the decision to Breastfeed her. Whilst I was pregnant I had joined different baby communities and received many free goodies, including bottles. Obviously delighted that I had gotten useful items for when my baby would be born I kept each one. Whilst pregnant you are guided … Continue Reading