My little monster has begun bum shuffling at the speed of a tortoise. It’s the cutest thing as it takes her 5minutes to get across the rug. Funny thing is though, when you stand her up she jumps for joy to walk and goes 50miles per hour across the room whilst holding on to your … Continue Reading

A baby bag is a massive decision, well at least it was one for me. For months I couldn’t find the perfect one. I knew I wanted a bright colour, a unique design and trying to keep within a budget of some sort. After all, this was going to be my sole bag for a … Continue Reading

Baby Z loves listening to the latest records! I’m sure she’s going to start learning music early…

How can you get all your packing done with a 9 month old… You get them to help! I have to say there was more of Z’s luggage than there was of mine or my partners… I really have been downsized! So going away for a long stretch for the first time, I didn’t want … Continue Reading

In one of my earlier weaning posts I mentioned Z not being interested in Bananas. Well guess what! She doesn’t like it if it’s broken or cut and given… But if you hold the banana in front of her, she will eat it like she’s never been fed! For months we hid the taste by … Continue Reading

Before going Spain we didn’t really feed Z bread, as we always said we would use fresh baked over ready packaged. This was only because of the amount of preservatives and additives in the ready packaged bread. Especially as my partner sometimes makes homemade bread. We knew we didn’t want her to become accustomed to … Continue Reading