This month we have another Mini Series hitting the Bubble. This time we are talking about feeding; be it breast, bottle or mixed. We have some amazing mama’s lined up who are going to share their stories, from their failures to their triumphs. Each pregnancy, birth and newborn is unique and feeding is exactly the … Continue Reading

So in the last week Baby Z had been feeling a little under the weather. Thinking it was the weather making her sick we didn’t really put too much notice on it. Until halfway through the week she began feeling quite low. My friend from Baby Z ballet class added to my concern as she … Continue Reading

Seriously, what is with the time change?! It doesn’t help when baby Z is teething like mad and is overcoming a cold. Her feeding and sleeping patterns are everywhere, and now this? She doesn’t know what to do and trying to keep her awake for a tad bit longer is proving to be a handful. … Continue Reading

A baby bag is a massive decision, well at least it was one for me. For months I couldn’t find the perfect one. I knew I wanted a bright colour, a unique design and trying to keep within a budget of some sort. After all, this was going to be my sole bag for a … Continue Reading

In one of my earlier weaning posts I mentioned Z not being interested in Bananas. Well guess what! She doesn’t like it if it’s broken or cut and given… But if you hold the banana in front of her, she will eat it like she’s never been fed! For months we hid the taste by … Continue Reading