Our first story in our Mini Series on Breast and Bottle Feeding Awareness is by marketing agency director and mum of 3 Liz Estall. I’ve had three pregnancies and three healthy babies. I’ve been very fortunate in that regard. However, circumstance, maturity and experience have resulted in three completely different feeding set ups. The one … Continue Reading

This month we have another Mini Series hitting the Bubble. This time we are talking about feeding; be it breast, bottle or mixed. We have some amazing mama’s lined up who are going to share their stories, from their failures to their triumphs. Each pregnancy, birth and newborn is unique and feeding is exactly the … Continue Reading

If like me, the world of new motherhood for you is about as uncharted territory as you can get. Then take comfort in the knowledge that as a fellow newbie to this game, I had literally zero experience of babies, until I had my own!  And despite my partner being both an Uncle and a … Continue Reading

Finally the half step to ultimately walking has happened… Baby Z has started standing on her own. From sitting on the floor to standing up whilst holding on to objects. She’s taken her first ever step(s) and is extremely pleased with herself. Now the bribing commences… Standing her a few steps away we hold a … Continue Reading

We took Baby Z to the beach for the first time when we were on holiday in Spain. Oh my she didn’t want to leave, I swear if she had worked out how to walk she would have been running all over the place! The first time she saw the sea she wasn’t scared but … Continue Reading

Before we went to Spain I had never taken Z to a swimming pool. Frankly I was worried about how the water would affect her skin as it was recovering from eczema. However as her skin was pretty clear for a few months my partner and I decided to try out swimming on holiday. See … Continue Reading