Dear Me, Look at how time has flown. Only a few years ago I was single and carefree. Now I don’t even have time to brush my hair. With two under 5s relying on me and a household full of chores, you’ve become a woman with tonnes of responsibility. You juggle your life to fit … Continue Reading

Its always interesting to see what is in another Mama’s bag. From the different products we use to the style of bags we have, us Mama’s know how to fit a lot in very little space. That is one of the reasons why I decided to do a short vblog on what’s in my bag. … Continue Reading

Everyday is mothers day… when you get those cuddles, the ‘I Love You’s’ and the smiles that could melt butter. But frankly, it is lovely to have one special day to know you will somehow get a little spoilt and that everyone will be thinking about you alone. Being a mum is hardcore, but you … Continue Reading

Welcome back to the Bubble! It’s time we introduced you to our new, fresh and exciting little home. Over the last few weeks we have been going through an online change by expanding our horizons and introducing an Events business as well as an online Shop! (Excited squeal). But this has only been our most … Continue Reading

From saying our first word of ‘Mum’ at the age of 4 months, we have now started to increase our alphabet. Missing the letter ‘A’ we have quickly moved to the letter ‘B’. Babba, Baby, Bib, Ball, Bowl, Bee and Boo are all Baby Z favourite words. She recognises the letter and either points to object … Continue Reading

Baby Z has already begun to order people around. However she chooses wisely, her ordering only limits to her grandad, her uncle and her dada. The three wonderful men in her life. What’s more is that she gets her way. This can be through her giving a certain look, her tone, body language or by … Continue Reading