It’s around this time of year that there is an influx of ‘New Year, New Me’ posts on all aspects of social media, on Facebook posts, Instagram captions and in blogs. So what will it be this year? To lose weight, do more exercise, a change of job, read more? The truth is most of … Continue Reading

Self Care ….. do you do it? We all buy candles, light them and carry on with our evening, making dinner, changing nappies and shooshing the kids to sleep…..but do you ever just stop! Take 5, 10 minutes to yourself ? Just you? Close the door, run the bath (for yourself) and just light that favourite … Continue Reading

During our travels to Spain in October 2013 we unexpectedly came across this little shop on the local high street that sold Olive Oil products. At the top of the shelf I noticed a Baby Packaged box – The Natural Edition for Babies by LaChinata. Excitedly.. like I am whenever I see anything Baby related… … Continue Reading